Sunday, April 15, 2012

I got an email from someone about the fact that I made a lousy call the

other day. The writer was surprised.

I'm not. Nobody bats a thousand. Everybody misses the ball every once n a while.

Add the fact that I was making a guess on the American criminal justice system and all bets are off.

I just took a little break to wander outside which I do almost every morning. A lot of little things get done when I do this. I decide on the uniform of the day, and let my instincts predict the weather for the day. I'm generally pretty accurate.

This morning I took a littlle timme to listen to the birds and the sounds and look across the street at the big oak I have watched for almost two decades. It is budding and when I return from this upcoming tour of duty it will be pretty much filled out. Spring is springing and when I return, spring will have sprung.
Last night something funny happened. Neighbor Bob somehow managed to snag two Budweiser 40 oz bottles of beer and dropped by. They were both in brown bags and I looked at them and laughed when he suggested I get us a couple of glasses. I told him there was no way in hell we were going to drink them out of glasses and to leave them in the bags.

Bob was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and I grabbed mine along with 2 pairs of sunglasses. We put the shades on and the hoods up and than pulled our pants down and sat in the driveway in lawn chairs watching the dog walkers shuffle by looking like a pair of old man dressed like gangsta wannabes brown-bagging a pair of 40s.

Most people were too preoccupied to notice, and of the few that did, we drew a couple of confused looks and a few smirks.

Then the Black woman down the street wandered by with her dog, took one look at the pair of us and said, "Well, there goes the neighborhood!"

Bob and I couldn't help it. We laughed ourselves silly over that comment and then pulled off our shades, lowered our hoods and pulled our pants back up.

"Thank you," she said and shuffled off with her dog. I suppose we were lucky not to get a reprimand for setting a bad example for her kids. When you think about it we had it coming.

I've met her a couple of times and late last spring or maybe early summer we chatted about gardening. I noticed she had a pretty quick wit and an awfully dry sense of humor. I kind of llike what I saw of her. She seemed to be one of those people that has grace under fire. I hope I run into her again.

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