Monday, April 30, 2012

This blog simply is what it is.

It is nothing more or less than the musings and an Old School sailor, just like it is advertised to be.

I have a high school education and 42 years of life experiences, mostly along the road less traveled. I do not have a degree in religion, politics or business and on top of that I am a lousy typist which accounts for so many errors on my posts.

The way this blog is generally written when I am at home is that I wake up, turn my ham rig on, click on the coffee pot and as the coffee is brewing go and pee. Then I pour myself a cup of joe and park it next to this laptop, take a sip, look out the window to get my bearings and start in on anything I feel like writing about.

At sea things are different. Sometimes I'll have a little time so I will write a post and save it until the following morning. Occasionally I will write a post and save it for a busy day when I only have a few seconds to post it.

All of this comes to a case of having to switch to Plan B when I am out of internet range. When that happens I generally still write a post every day and store it until I get back into internet range and then post the missing posts individually to make up for the days I have missed by getting out of range.

I recieve no pay or compensation for this other than most likely keeping my sanity (priceless) and the readership varies from day to day, ranging from about 100 to about 350 a day, depending on a number of things.

My post about the maid walking in on me has generated almost 23,000 hits because it was picked up by a popular blog. It still gets a couple hundred a month even though it was written and posted about a year ago.

None of my other posts have gotten over 1000 pageviews according to the statistics the blog people keep.

I got started on this when I was visiting my sister over the holidays about 3 years back. I was there and there was a lot of activity going on that I wasn't a part of as I was a visitor. My sister turned me on to this as a way of killing a little time. My nephew encouraged me and I just got started and do this because I enjoy it. I suppose if my readership was only a couple of people, or even none I would still do it because it give me a creative outlet and helps keep my sanity.

Anyway, what you see is what you get and if you don't like it it you can get your money back

I suppose it is one of the few things where there is no real false advertising. It is nothing more than the grumblings of an Old School sailor.

I suppose I could say that this is a deal at twice the price and be 100% honest.

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