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One of the things that has been asked me

                                         is why I didn't make a bigger stink to avoid getting hauled off by the MPs the day after I got out of the army. Most likely I could have talked my way out of it if I had tried even though they didn't believe my initial protests.

For one thing although I was most likely pretty tanked up I still realized that the two MPs were a lot bigger than I am and that getting the living dogsnot whaled out of me would not be a whole lot of fun.

I also was sharp enough at the time to realize what the eventual outcome would be because the MPs actually had no authority over me to speak of. While I knew I was going to get a ride down to the Fort Carson stockade, I knew that there really were no charges they could make stick and they would be forced to release me and return me to the den of iniquity they had found me in.

It actually made no sense to argue with them.

It also made no sense to threaten them with trouble because if I was patient and went along with them I knew damned good and well that they would manage to get themselves into trouble for being a stupid. It is always fun to watch someone get themselves into a bind and I really didn't have to even help. All I had to do is sit back and watch as they self-destructed.

What made sense then and still does is that I took a "Yeah, OK. Let's see where this goes. I can use a good laugh. This ought to be good." attitude. I knew I wasn't going to wind up in any real trouble.

I don't recall what it was that I did to warrant their attention but even then I seldom acted too far out of line. I know it wasn't fighting. I think I had said something loud or crass and they heard it and told me to settle down. I had probably smarted off at them and made them look bad and they wanted their pound of flesh.

Of course you have to be a little cagey when you go this route.

Even insinuating that you were going to make life difficult for the MPs by accusing them of false arrest would be a waste of time because the local police most likely had a deal with the post that would most likely permit MPs to hold desperate criminals they encountered until they could drive down to post and take custody. I figured I'd be taken back to the ginmill if I didn't push the issue.

If I made a big stink I would probably be turned over to the Colorado Springs PD and charged with drunk and disorderly, and spend the night in the cooler. I knew I really wasn't in a position to raise too much cain, but if I kept cool I knew I would be entertained for the night and have a pretty good story to tell about in later years. All I had to do was go with the flow and play innocent.

Entertainmant like I got for free that night comes along every once in a blue moon and it sure is a lot of fun watching the system come to a screeching halt and turn itself inside out when something it doesn't have an easy mechanism to deal with comes along.

An opportunity like to watch a couple of people make fools out of themselves on such a monumental scale like that doesn't come along very often so when it does sometimes it's just a whole lot of fun just to play along.

As for fingering Fister to the MPs after I got back?

I'd bet Fister is home with his grandkids telling his grandkids about the time his good buddy Pic fingered him to the MPs and he got carted off a week after he got out of the army. I don't think he was really too mad at me at the time as I had told him what had happened to me and he thought it was hilarious.

Still, if he was upset about it at the time I'm sure that 35 years has made him see how damned funny it was and most likely he's grateful because he has a pretty good whacked out tale to tell.
One of the things I have noticed over the years is that the human race really does not do a very good job when it comes to working together.

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