Thursday, April 19, 2012

Someone asked me about Nebby Larry the other day and I guess he is doing OK.

I saw him wandering by several times over the past couple of weeks but I wasn't doing anything when he was passing by so I just ignored him.

The cop who has taken some of Larry's calls has been by, though. His kid just got a ham ticket and he wanted to ask a few questions about the International Space Station and setting up a 2 meter rig to listen to it.

The cop wanted to know the best way to buy stuff as there are not a whole lot of stores around here that cater to hams. I gave him the names and contacts numbers, websites etc for a few of the places I have done business with and in addition to that I hooked him up with a local club. The members there seem to be pretty good about helping kids out so I guess the kid will make out OK.

This is a short post today because I am jammed up with a LOT of stuff to do.

Life just got hectic.

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