Friday, April 27, 2012

What do you expect?

The other day someone showed me a video of a group of Marines that got drunk ashore and when they came back to the ship they started fighting among themselves. The person showing me the video looked a bit uppity and 'gosh-golly-gee-whiz' about it.

What did he expect? The guys had been aboard a cramped Navy miserable pile of rust and rivets for some time, they were pent up, bored and frustrated. They had just been ashore and had their first opportunity to tip a few and of course there were few if any young women there to tend to matters that might have calmed them down a bit.

You have a group of men in their late teens and early twenties full of testosterone, vim, vigor, vitality with more energy that a perpetual motion machine and nowhere to expend it.

What do you think is going to happen? The energy has to go somewhere.

A while back there was another scandal with the Marines.

Seems the Marine Scout/Sniper community was using the SS lightning bolt 'runes' as a symbol of the Scout/Sniper community. Apparently they stole the emblem from the WW2 German SS. Someone got bent out of shape and raised holy hell and turned nothing into a major issue, claiming the Scout/Snipers were a bunch of Nazis which is pretty far removed from the truth.

None of the young guys involved were even born until at least forty years after the war and it is most likely that not a whole lot of them even had fathers that had ever fought the Nazis, if any. It was their grandfather's war.

Looking at it, the lightning bolt runes probably were a pretty good emblem for the Scout/Snipers other than the fact that there are too many crybabies and whiners in the country these days that have nothing better to do than create problems out of thin air.

Have YOU ever been stuck aboard a ship berthed in canvas and pipe racks six deep? I sort of doubt it. Are you 20 years old and in tremendous physical shape? Probably not. Most likely your too damned fat and out of shape to get out of your own way.

We ask normal people to put themeslve in totally abnormal situations and expect them to both go into and come out of these situations and be nice little boys. It simply isn't fair and I'm damned tired of everyone and their cousin that is sitting back in the states with a Ring Ding in one hand, a soda in the other waxing fat behind the tube passing judgement on these guys.

Those guys are United States servicemen. Now leave them the hell alone or sign up and join them. If you don't want to get behind the troops, fine. Find a nice free-fire zone and get in front of them.

Bet you if you DO enlist, you'll be doing the same damned thing they are.

Now let's leave these guys alone. They have kept the wolf away from the door for a couple of hundred years and they deserve a little privacy.
Years ago in Alaska I was sitting at the bar of a ginmill that sported a sawdust floor when in walked a New York tourist. Indignantly she asked what all the sawdust was doing on the floor.

"Lady, that ain't sawdust. That's last night's furniture," I replied.

It was funny seeing the look on her face as she and her husband took off like a shot.

Soldiers! Sailors! Marines! Airmen of the United States unite!

There comes a time when the Joint Chiefs of Staff have their hands tied and it becomes the time of the men in the ranks to take action.
In the light of the new age of cell cameras, digital photography and uTube videos there comes time for a new policy to be instituted by the ranks, of the ranks and for the ranks.

I propose thet the unwritten policy be accepted into the norm of the servicemen as of now.

In the future any fellow serviceperson in an unofficial capacity taking any pictures or recording members of the service doing anything that would discredit the service be stuffed into a matteress cover, hung from a rafter and be roundly pummelled, Socks and padlocks are authorized. Their recording device is then to be smashed into unrecoverable smithereens.

After such a beating has been duly administered, all service people are to leave the matteress cover suspended for the authorities to find and leave the area immediately as a unit so they can be each other's alibi for plausable deniability purposes.

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