Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One of the terms I like is 'limosine liberals'.

It hits the nail right smack on the head.

There generally are the people that live in gated communities and have an awful lot of money and can easily afford security coming out the ears. The privliged set, so to speak.

A lot of these people spend an awful lot of time running their mouths babbling on about how the rest of us should behave and that the rest of us peons have no right to take care of ourselves because it is the job of the police.

Now this is all well and good if we can afford our own private security but in most cases the average working stiff can't. Like a lot of things we have to do it ourselves from time to time.

Now I want to make it clear here that I am not bashing the police but the truth is that generally the police are a reactive force. They react to a situation. They do not prevent it. One seldom hears of the police arriving before a crime is committed and preventing something from happening. They generally arrive and pick up the pieces of shattered lives. Most cops will readily admit this.

There is a lot to be said for the old saw that when seconds count the police are only minutes away.

Generally when some poor slob that decides he doesn't want to be a victim decided to defend himself and the criminal committing the crime against him takes second place in the ensuing debate there are a number of people that will come charging in to defend the criminal. This holds true especially if the criminal is either severely injured or outright killed.

The limosine liberals are right out there telling everyone what a damned shame it is that the little thug got a hole in his head and that it should be illegal for anyone to own tools that are capable of such violence.

Several years ago on the firing line at a shooting match the guy next to me asked me if I knew how to turn a liberal anti-gun woman into a pistol packing momma. I said I didn't.

"Rape her," he said.

I was shocked for a couple of seconds until I thought about it. Sadly enough he was right. A woman that has been a victim of a crime like that is very well apt to decide that enough is enough and to learn to use a handgun and start packing. She does not want to undergo that sort of an ordeal ever again and she has probably decided that it is time for her to accept responsibility for her own security.

Of course, when she does decide to arm and train herself the limosine liberals step in and try and tell her how wrong she is. None of these fine people, of course, have ever been raped.

The truth of the matter is these limosine liberals are unwilling to get their hands dirty taking care of themselves. They just hire security guards and body guards to take care of them. They use the same violence or threat of it to keep the forces of evil at bay. The only difference is that they are not do it yourselfers. They simply hire the job out to someone else to take care of them.

Of course you can bet your bottom dollar that the security guards they hire are generally a whole lot better armed and trained than the average working guy.

You do not hear of a whole lot of attacks on these celebrities and wealthy people for pretty good reason. It is common knowledge that these people in their gated communities surrounded by bodyguards and security people are not easy pickings. The criminal element knows it.

The criminal element is not stupid. They are not going to go after someone that is surrounded by bodyguards living in gated communities when they can find someone else that is unarmed and vulnerable.

This puts the limosine liberal in a safe position where he or she can sit up on their high horse and pass judgement on some poor slob working stiff that is simply trying to take care of himself.

It must be nice sitting up there in your gated community looking down on the rest of us and telling us how to live our lives and defending our attackers. We, the working class in most cases are the people that bought your record albums or went to your movies or concerts. In a lot of cases we are the poeple that put you where you are now.

Why don't you just shut up and stop biting the hand that fed you.

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