Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well, yesterday I was wrong.

I based my conclusions on logic and I found myself mistaken. I didn't think the special prosecuter would hold a press conference to file charges because generally the way it is done is that press conferences are generally used to explain why charges are NOT being filed.

Generally when they are being filed, they announce that the defendant is in custody.

Coupled with the fact that it has been well over 45 days since the incident took place and generally they charge a lot faster than that.

It looks like Mr. Zimmerman is going on trial and that is that. This is going to get interesting. He is being charged with 2nd degree murder which may or may not be an overcharge.

I can hear it now, "If the head has been hit, you must acquit."

The American public is now in for yet another three-ring circus.
Right now I will go out on a limb here and say that the real reason George Zimmmerman is going on trial is because Holder and the Federal justice department have twisted the arms of the State of Florida threatening to take juristiction of the case away from the state.

Either that or they would do something else.

I went out on a limb yesterday and I was wrong. I might be wrong today but somewhere along the line I smell a rat.

One of the things that irks me is the picture of Treyvon as a little kid. He's not a little kid, he was a young man. We have GIs serving that are younger than him. Let's see a few more pictures of him with his gangsta grille.
In other news. If any of you have tried to check into any of the WAS nets you probably know what happpens the instant he starts asking for check-ins. Everyone starts talking at once and there is a big pile-up.

A while ago I noticed that it sounds like a lynch mob outside the sheriff's office in an on B grade western.

It is going to take an awful lot of self discipline to keep me from busting into the middle of them and saying in my best Johw Wayne voice, "They'll be no lynchin' so long as I'm the marshall of Dodge."

I wish the special prosecuter of Florida had said the same thing yesterday.

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