Friday, March 22, 2013

Actions have consequences.

I just read that Colt is thinking of leaving the state of Connecticut which makes sense after the recent gun bans passed there.

Magpul is leaving Colorado and they will be out of the state inside the next month or two.

I have read where Maryland may be backing off a bit and I suppose it they do that Benelli and Beretta will stay put. It would be a pretty smart move on Maryland's state government to enact no laws and keep these two gunmakers as they provide a lot of employment. Both of these companies have government contracts.

Right now we can look at Magpul because I have done a little bit of reading on them. They use a lot of plastics and that's going to put a a pretty good dent on the Colorado plastics maker.

Losing Magpuls business means likely that there are going to be a few layoffs there. If no layoffs, employees are probably lose overtime or other compensation. They may, for example, not get a raise to keep up with the cost of living.

The diner down the street is likely to take a beating as is the gas station and the convenience store nearby.

The owners of the now vacant building are going to lose money and so are a lot of other merchants.

In addition to that any employees that decide not to move with Magpul are going to be headed straight to the unemployment line. It is often said that poverty leads to crime and unemployment is a world-class creator of poverty.

So instead of jobs,wealth and security the state of Colorado has voted for poverty cnd crime. Good choice.

It all adds up. And for what?

The Colorado magazine ban isn't going to make the people of Colorado any safer whatsoever. Any criminal that wants a large capacity magazine can get one on the black market.

Incidentally the ban will create a pretty good sized black market and someone will rush in to feed it because if there is a buck to be made someone will, legally or otherwise. Enter crime.

Look at illegal drugs. They're out there and the drug dealers generally drive better cars than most law abiding citizens that work for an honest living do.

In addition to this when you look at it, changing magazines doesn't take a whole lot of time. Back when I was shooting service rifle competition I was doing it in under a second. The rules read that I had to fire two shots, change magazines and fire another eight for a total of ten for score.

It doesn't slow down things at all.

All the Colorado magazine ban has done is make things a little more difficult for law abiding citizens and to move wealth out of the state and move more crime in.

I like the way the spin doctors work when they want to scare the public. They are quick to point out that such and such a percentage of police officers are killed with firearms equipt with high capacity mags. What they fail to tell you is that the shooter killed the cop with two or three rounds and that magazine capacity had nothing to do with it. This is just a spin on the truth, which is what politicians are famous for.

Truth is the people of Colorado are not going to be any safer, just poorer.

Wherever Magpul moves to is going to be on the road to prosperity. They will offer the locals jobs and security and hope. Side businesses will likely start up and success generally breeds success.

In addition to this, there are a number of people that are cancelling elk hunts and ski trips out of protest. Jackson Hole, Wyoming will likely take up the slack. Enter less money coming into the state.

Colorado,of course, seems to have voted for failure.

It looks like Connecticut is doing the same thing and Maryland is also considering it. They are voting for econimic failure.

The next couple of days this blog will be hit or miss because I will be out of town.

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