Thursday, March 14, 2013


Yesterday I saw my pretty pink Kalashnakitty T-shirt in the drawer, grinned and said, "What the hell. Why not?" So I put iton.

I had a Dr's appointment and some shopping to do and the sight of an Old School tough guy in a Kalashnakitty T-shirt generally draws comments,mostly from women.

Picture this on a lovely pink T-shirt.
Anyway, the shirt drew comments from the medical people and when I went grub shopping a number of women saw it and smiled. A couple did comment that they thought it was cute.
One guy laughed outright and told me I was either crazy or bad and didn't want to find out. I grinned and told him I'd just have to keep hum guessing and we left on amused terms.
Then it happened. There is always one and this one was some kind of braided armpitted,hairy legged Humboldt Honey. She told me she didn't like seeing the kitty carrying a machine gun and asked me why I was wearing it.
I went into a different dialict of English I can speak sometimes.  It is a combination of Trailer Trash Redneck, Northern Jersey Guinea gangster and Andrew Dice Clay.
"I woke up dis mornin' lookin' ta pick a f***in' fight wit someone an cut someone tree ways. Long, deep and continous so I put dis f***in' shirt on an none of da guys wants ta fight me. All I wound up with was some f***in' hippie chick broad an I can't cut ya of I'll go ta f***in' jail.  But if ya's wants I can take ya out to da parkin' lot an bitch slap ya across it if it'll make ya f***in' happy. Da pimp hand can use some f***in' exercise."
She went agape and fled and I heard someone behind me laugh like hell. It was the produce woman that I have known for years. She looked at me, looked at the shirt and glanced at the fleeing woman and laughed. "You ought to get an Academy award for that!" she said.
Everyone I meet makes my day in some form or another. Some by entering my life and others by leaving it.

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