Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I am of the opinion that when a boy reaches 8

 years old he ought to be wrested from his mother's bosom and raised by his maternal grandfather.
The other day I wanted a Guiness and after shooting a few groups I cased my rifle and went in the the clubhouse and over the the bar. I only drop in on the bar every other year but decided to have a Guiness. They only charge $3 for one there.

I sat down at the bar in an empty seat and found myself between an older woman and a 9 year-old kid that was sitting there with his grandfather.

The grandfather offered to change seats with be but I told him it was likely the kid would be better company. The Grandfather looked a bit offended for a second, rethought and snickered.

The kid was pretty sharp and I told him the usual things old men are supposed to tell kids. Walking 5 miles to school, having to fight Indians to get home, things like that. I showed him a scar I got from getting hit with an arrow when I served with General Custer.

The kid didn't say much, preferring to talk with his mischievious sparkling eyes. I think he knew if he said anything disrespectful his grandpa would whack him one.

Finally I looked at the kid and said, "I'll bet you think I'm full of carp, don't you?"

The kid laughed like hell.

Then I looked at the TV and there was some little hottie on the screen. I looked suspiciously at the TV and at the older woman sitting on the other side of me. When she got nervous, I turned to her, pointed at the TV and asked, "Is that really you?"

At the same time she smiled and blushed the guy next to her snarfed beer and said, "She was better looking than that back in the day!"

We all chuckled and I went back to watching the dynamics between the kid and his grandfather.

I figure that maternal grandfathers are the people that ought to raise boys. Lord knows that grandmothers ought to cook for him as grandmothers are the best cooks in the world.

Wives are generally leery of their husbands but worship their fathers. A father will catch hell from the wife for setting off a small firecracker near the kid, yet when the kid reports that he and gramps got some dynamite somewhere blew a stump 300 feet into the air, the wife will simply say, "That's nice."

The kid could come home and tell his mother that gramps took him to the Kit Kat club and introduced him to a bunch of nice ladies and the mother will smile and say, "That's nice. I'm glad your grandfather took you somewhere and you got to meet some nice people."

Grandfathers are in a better spot than fathers to raise small boys because they can get away with murder and introduce boys to the finer things in life.

Grandfathers can teach the kid about spirited horses, firearms, fast cars, blowing $hit up,good liquor and just about everything else and get away with it.

They are also generally pretty good disciplinarians, too and they generally don't play along with the sissified disciplinary games they use today. If the kid screws up he gets a good whack on the ass.

If the kid's dad did this, the mother would likely have her husband jailed, yet Gramps can get away with it.

Having grandparents raise boys doesn't sound like too bad of an idea.

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