Sunday, March 10, 2013

This country has too many humanities majors.

Yesterday I was working up a load for my upcoming match and the Gods of Bullet speed played a little prank on me. The load I tried came smoking out the muzzle at a little over 3000 feet per second which is FAST.

The load didn't group too well so I guess I'm going to have to slow things down a bit.

Anyway later on yesterday afternoon I mentioned it to a friend who was with another person I know that's somewhat of an idiot. II didn't know the idiot was in addition to being an idiot was afraid of firearms and I got an earful, or started to until I told him to go piss up a rope.

The guy is some kind of art teacher which now that I think about it does not surprise me because it seems that most of the people that are anti 2nd Amendment appear to be arts and humanities majors. I have had a bunch of these people over the years get on my case regarding being a shooter.

On the other hand, when a techno-geek or an engineer gets wind that I handload for matches the conversation draws to things like twist rates, speed, harmonics and the trans-sonic zone. These people are interesting and I have yet to have had one of them criticize me for being an experimenter and several have wanted to accompany me to both the bench and the range.

I wonder about this. I think there are too many humanities majors in this country and no where NEAR enough engineers.

I said that once to an English teacher and she started babbling that there are enough engineers and we need more humanities majors.

I shot back with ,"Then why are humanities majors paid so little and why are we importing engineers by the thousands from India?" Then I pointed out that the little girl up the street that just graduated college as a civil engineer had about 25 different offers long before graduation. She started off at more than her father is making which is more than the English teacher is making.

She didn't like that very much and said it was unfair. I said that it was unfair she was making as much as she was and that promptly started World Wars 3, 4, 4 and 5/8th s and 6. We skipped World War 5 as there was far too much rubble laying around to fight in.

The reason is simple, really.

Arts and humanities majors are generally dealing with intangibles. The science majors are not. The science types are dealing with real things and can create things that we need. It is the scientists that create longer lasting light bulbs and even come up with ways to clean up the earth.

All the humanities types do is talk and bring things down.

Right now Yoko Ono (who really does nothing these days) and a bunch of Hollywierd types are griping about fracking and so on. Of course, these actors and singers likely have never built anything or created anything tangible. You can't eat a movie or a song.

Ask one of these so-called artists against fracking how they plan on keeping us supplied with energy and you're going to get the same old tired crap about solar and wind power. The woods are full of abandoned windmills and solar panel farms.

Of course, the artists will babble that the government ought to subsidize such things which sounds good until you remember that Joe who works at the plant will now have to pay twice. Once to the power company and again to Uncle Sam who is footing part of the bill.

These are the same people that gripe about people not having enough to eat, yet I don't see them figuring out a way to get people to feed themselves.

Yet out there there are agricultural types that understand the biology of plants that can figure out a way to get something edible to grow someplace to feed third world people.

Of course, when they do that the very artists piss and moan that the food has been genetically altered or such crap.

I get a hoot out of seeing Pamela Anderson babble about eating animals and peace and love and everything. It's funny to watch. She's another Hollyweird type that does little. Yet go out to eat and you can find an engineer or techno geek sitting at the next table wolfing down a huge blood rare steak.

One thing that these humanities types ought to do is shut the hell up and go and make their movies or sing their songs somewhere, keep their mouths shut and let the rest of us build things.

Oh, yeah. Today I have to try out another load or two. I have built a set of rounds to test that are 42 grains of powder and 44 grains. Down from 46. We'll see how they group and work from there.

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  1. So here's a question from total ignorance.
    How are you able to measure the bullet's velocity?

  2. Chronograph. Available at shooters houses for the $100 range. Good tool because with velocities you can calculate come-ups for different distances.