Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm successful. Kiss my ass. You could have been, too.

There are a couple of guys that I started working with 20 odd years ago that are in the same damned thing they were doing when I worked with them instead of climbing the ladder.

Of course, they say that I brown nosed my way up the ladder.

I didn't. I simply wasn't belligerent to my seniors but I did speak my mind. Maybe that's why I am not further up the food chain but the truth is I don't want to be promoted because I'd have to come ashore and I would lose my lifestyle of being either at work or off.

Let's get down to bare bones here and look at me several years ago when I was an entry-level deckhand.

When I was a deckhand I was often seen with my nose in a book during my off watch time while the other guys were busy watching TV or porn. I was studing for my Able Seaman and tankerman's endorsements.

While some of my shipmates at the time were doing the same thing, there were quite a few that loafed. I put my nose to the grindstone and eventually got myself promoted and became a little more successful than some of my peers.

They're envious even though they made the decision that American Idol, porn and partying when they were off was more important than getting promoted.

Their choice and they chose poorly. Not my fault.

The envy of the unsuccessful have for the successful is universal. It crosses race, and religious barriersand sometimes it doesn't.

If the loser is a Gentile and the successful person is Jewish, he gets labeled as one a them rich Jews.

If the successful person is black, the unsuccessful blacks call him an UncleTom and hate him for his success. Non-blacks mumble that he got a break based on race (which sometimes holds some water, as there are set asides made for minorities. Successful blacks that have made it on their own hate the set-asides)

A lot of losers of all races enlist in the Free $hit Army and get ahead that way. After all,they think, it's only fair for them to take from The Man.

Personally I hate it when able people do this. I am not alone.

I have a sister that when she gets ahead financially she takes time off and does relief work in South America for peanuts. She works for an organization that sends people that sign up pictures and letters from the child that a person supports for about $30/month.

I looked at my paycheck and saw what they had taken out and I'm pretty upset because Uncle Sam sends me no pictures and letters from the people that I support with my tax dollars.

I pay a hell of a lot more than $30/month to support and damned well deserve pictures or letters from the people I support and to tell you the truth, I'm not too pleased about it.

Uncle Sam should make people receiving aid send pictures of themselves to the people that support them. After all, the kids in South America have the decency to do this.

I want a picture of someone sitting outside of their Section 8 home with their kids sitting next to them smiling and saying thank you.

On the other hand, feel free to ask me how it feels to want because I do not see it happening.

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