Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yesterday I posted somewhere that the Ft. Hood shooter had been promoted.

It was from a post I read on "The Duffel Blog".

A lot of you out there know that the Duffel Bog is a spoof website run by a group of both former and serving GIs. If I'm correct the starterer-upperer of the thing is a recently discharged Marine.

The Duffel Blog is sometimes called 'The Onion of the Military' but they got that squared away after the Duffel Blog team launched an airborne assault on the Onion's office and set them straight. The Onion is bow referred to as the civilian version of the Duffel Blog.

Anyway, I posted a link to a spoof article that the Army had promoted the Fort Hood shooter and had also given him the Legion of Merit in a ceremony in the jail. The thread got over 2000 hits in a short time.

I suppose that some of the hits were people expecting something along the lines of the Duffel Blog article but I'd just bet that there were quite a few people that opened the thread that expected to be outraged that the Army actually HAD promoted him.

What gets me is that those people that expected to find out the guy had been promoted while in jail have a valid point looking for something like that to happen. Over the years the government has done an awful lot of weird things and it simply sounded like the Army had just done another. The Army does have a history of doing things that don't make sense. After all, they promoted me to sergeant.

(Now that you mention it, it does make sense that they promoted me to sergeant and the mistake they made was to promote me to Sp/4 which is the same pay grade as corporal. Former corporals sometimes grow up to become dictators and other megalomaniacs so I guess they corrected their error by promoting me to sergeant. They figured making me a sergeant would save them considerable work further down the line.)

The very fact that something like promoting the Ft Hood shooter is even remotely believable doesn't speak well for our society.

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