Monday, March 4, 2013

ANother right we are losing

There is one right that seems to have been taken away from a lot of people. It is seldom ever discussed but it seems to have been taken away from us by a series of safety nets.

If I lose my job I can likely get on unemployment which to a certain extent is little more than cashing in on an insurance policy although it seem that it has been extended to about two years. It used to be only good for about three.

If I get sick I can go out on disability and milk that because once you get on it it is nigh on impossible to be booted off of it.

In many places anyone hiring me will play hell getting rid of me without my committing a serious offense like coming to work drunk or workplace violence, although in my case I am in a work at will state.

In other places I am forced to join a union and in a lot of cases that means an employer is going to have a pretty hard time getting rid of me unless I do something like commit homicide or intentionally run a truck through a warehouse full of cut crystal.

In my place I have no union to back me and being in a work at will state I can be let go for any reason. Truth is I kind of like things that way because I am not being cheated out of one of my rights.

I have to work my ass off and stay ahead of the game and play things smart if I want to stay employed. That in itself is a pretty good way of keeping me motivated which is a good thing. It is a good thing because it keeps me going and I keep going so I don't have to exercise the right I have that is seldom mentioned.

The right I am talking about here is the right to fail.

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