Sunday, March 31, 2013

I just read where the more conservative states

 are having an increase in population as people move to them. Most likely because they have lower taxes and most likely a lot of people moving there are the people that have crudded up their own states and are looking for another place to tear up.

An awful lot of the states people tend to move to have financially conservative state governments that do not offer too many services. Few services mean lower taxes because things have to be paid for. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

For example, trash service means that trash trucks, drivers and collectors have to be paid for. While a community or state may say that a person gets free trash collection the truth is that the resident is actually paying for it one way or another.

If they don't get a bill from the trash company they get clouted come tax time. Nothing is free.

Generally the people that live in these states seem to know this and don't lean on government to provide services because they do not want their taxes to go up and I don't blame them.

Over the years I have pointed out that North Carolina has been invaded by residents of New Jersey that leave the Garden State to get out from under the tax burden there. Of course, the minute they get to North Carolina they start turning that place into the sewer that they have just left.

The plains Indians generally did things like this. They would set up camp and stay in the area until they had polluted it and then move on. Then they'd pack up the tipis and move on to somewhere else.

This generally worked quite well in that nature would clean up the camp area in a season or so and they could return to it. The pollution the Indians created was generally organic and broke down rapidly. When they returned the campground was generally a lot more fertile than it was when they left because of their earlier presence.

The mess we make isn't only ecological, it's political and will likely take generations to clean up, although a couple of tar and featherings of the right people might speed things up a bit.

The process reminds me of a guy that has to go to the john in a mall or travel plaza.

He goes down the row of stalls looking for the cleanest one and chooses the cleanest one he can find and uses that for his business.

Here we come to the crossroads.

If the person using the toilet in that stall is a civilized human being he makes a consious effort to leave it as clean as it was when he found it. If he is an uncivilized boor he will leave it worse for the wear with no consideration for anyone but himself and screw everyone else. Let someone else clean up after him.

As a nation we have fifty states and some are well run and others are mismanaged. People are leaving places like California and places like that for places like Arizona and Texas.

That's OK if you are willing to pitch in and work at being responsible and keeping your new home state well managed and financially stable.

Instead what generally happens is the transplant generally brings their baggage along with him and wants to change everything and make it like it was in the sewer they had just left.

I'll put this plainly. We're seeing an exodus in this country. People are moving to well run states. For those that are conservatives they are looking for a nice place to live and are probably going to try and keep it that way.

On the other hand, the liberals and other socialists moving to a well run state are just looking for another clean toilet to $hit in and have someone else clean up after them.

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  1. Are you kidding, these jerks won't even lift the seat to piss in the building where they work.

  2. Marc, that explains a few of my co-workers.