Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am now back on the $hitlist

 of a woman in my neighborhood which is nothing new because when I am not on it I am probably not doing the right thing.
I do not know why she keeps coming back for more because she certainly gets a pretty good verbal pounding when she crosses swords with me. I suppose that the reason she crosses paths with me is because one or more of the neighbors probably sets it up for entertainment purposes.

This woman is the same idiot that tried to personally blame me for Colombine several years back.

Anyway shortly after Sandy Hook she went after me again about being a competitive shooter and wasn't too successful about it which is nothing new. Of course, her argument was emotional and I returned it with cold logic.

When she said I should turn my firearms in to make things safer for everyone I asked her why a responsible person should bother to do such a thing. After all, I am a responsible citizen. She told me if everybody did then there was no chance that anyone would freak out and go off on a mass killing.

I told her I'd make a deal. If she sewed her vagina shut so she couldn't become a prostitute and spread HIV and other diseases I would get rid of my guns.

Needless to say she went through the roof and screamed she wasn't a prostitute.

I pointed out that as long as she had a functioning vagina she was just as capable of becoming one and spreading fatal diseases as I was of committing a mass shooting.

A very entertained woman standing behind her looked at me and opened her mouth and pointed at it with her finger. It was Carol Dayham, who is a pretty straight soccer mom and this was way out of character for her. Then again Carol seems to have at least more than half of a functioning brain. I also know she really doesn't like this twit, either.

I told the twit that in addition she ought to sew her mouth shut, too so as to avoid all of the other avenues associated with becoming a prostitute.

Of course she went wild until Carol stepped in and told her that she'd settle for her to simply sew her mouth shut so we didn't have to listen to her $hit anymore.

I am beginning to like Carol. She gets it.

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