Friday, March 29, 2013

One of the things that irks me is people that have a special agenda and no common sense.

I've got a pal that has a part time gig pushing a broom in a building after hours. I respect him for this because he isn't sitting around in the barracks of the Free $hit Army.

When times got hard he simply picked up another gig to supplement his income. Good choice.

Anyway, he reported to me that he was sweeping up a pile of dirt off of the floor and there was an aluminum tab in the pile of floor sweepings and he emptied the whole pile into the nearest trash can and caught hell over the crummy little can tab.

He was told by one of the elite working there that he was supposed to recycle it. Afterwards he got a long lecture about how important it was to recycle every little bit of everything.

I have to give the man credit because he fished the tab out of the trash and handed it to the lecturer and told him to feel free to walk the 300 yards, two stairways and traipse through the rain to make sure it got to the recycling dumpster.

Most likely I would have done the same thing because I generally don't do stupid. Most likely I would have handed it to him and told him to take it to a taxidermist and stuff it.

Truth is that this guy has a lot more to worry about than a lousy can tab because the other guy he works with there has been out sick for a while and my friend is pulling double duty.

The whole thing I see here is someone with an agenda that is certainly willing to bust someone else's ass and waste their time to follow their agenda but are not really willing to do it themselves.

The lecturer took the can tab and solomnly put it in his pocket and walked off muttering and threatening to report him and headed back to his office to get something before he left the building.

My friend was on his game because he followed his gut and went into the lecturer's office which he had cleaned an hour earlier and looked in his trash can. There was an aluminum can tab in it.

He pulled it out and grabbed a sheet of paper and left a note along with the can tab on the lecturer's desk. He pointed out that leadership requires the leader to lead by example and pointed out that the lecturer could have easily walked four or five yards out of his way on his way to his car becaue he was going past the recycling dumpster anyway.

There is one thing I have seen over the years and that is a self-rightous jerk getting what he has coming. Nobody gets as indignant as someone like this. He reported my friend who got called up on the carpet.

Of course, the lecturer lied up a storm but sometimes there is justice in this world. When you see it run straight to the convenience store and buy a lottery ticket.

My pal simply told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and ran with that. Then from out of nowhere came a woman that had witnessed everything her office while quietly working late that corroberated my friend's story.

Two things came out of that. My friend got complimented on doing a good job and was given a small bonus of some sort for pitching in when push came to shove.

The other thing is that the lecturer isn't likely to be trusted in the future.

All this over an aluminum can tab someone took off a can and dropped. Some people ought to get off their high horse and get a life.

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