Saturday, March 30, 2013

David Tubb weighs his primers,

 or so says a new rumor running through shooter and reloading circles.

The rumor is making the rounds and I know it to be a rumor because I met the man that started it. He told me how he got the rumor started.

For those of you that don't know who +David Tubb is, he is a top shooter that has won a truckload of awards and designed equipment, including rifles. He's considered to be one ot the truly top shooters in the country.

Anyway, a lot of people in the shooting community keep their eye on him and emulate him. If Tubb does it, then there has to be a reason so a lot of shooters will try whatever he does in hopes of raising their scores.

A few years back I made the comment that if Tubb took the elastic band off of his dope book and stored it by wrapping it around the stock then you could be assured that about 25% of the shooters that showed up at the Nationals the following year would do the same thing.

About a quarter of these guys that imitated Tubb with the elastic on the stock business would be telling people that they had found the 'sweet spot' on the stock tor the elastic and swear it makes them shoot better.

I guess it won't be long before a lot of shooters start weighing their primers. I can hardly wait to go to Camp Perry and hear some shooter or another start babbling how he rejects any primers that are more than .1 grain off.

This ought to be good.

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