Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Running late today as I had

to takc care of a Living Will so that if something nasty happens I don't have to sit around and rot in a hospital with a bunch of tubes sticking in me because some medical genius has decided that live includes laying there in a vegitive state.

That's done.

I woke up this morning having to fast because I had to have blood drawn for my annual physical.

Anyway it is 11:00 am and I have not even had a damned cup of coffee and I stiill have morning mouth and as I type I am letting George Foreman heat up so I can have a steak and three eggs.

I had to wait to start to cook the steak because a relative that is here is some kind of dammned vegan and started to give me hell. The last time I got this lecture I fire blackened a 2 inch thick of beef and wolfed it down in front of them and as I did I explained all about what I was doing to my body and cholesterol and all of that crap and figured they'd learn to shut up every so often.

No avail. You can't fix stupid. WHen I mentioned steak and eggs athey started another lecture. The lecture ended a minute ago when they left as soom as they saw me plug Old George Foreman in.

I have to get packed for my match today and tomorrow so that is another story.

God, I hate days like today.

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