Friday, August 16, 2013

A class act in Kuwait.

One of the things I have learned to love about ham radio is the paradox that goes with it.
It is one of the hobbies where people of all walks of life enjoy trying their luck and skills trying to communicate with each other over the airwaves.

We try and throw all of the bullshit of religion, politics, social standing out the window and just get on the air.

While most of our contacts are brief. We exchange call signs, signal reports and first names, there are a number of operators that are laid back and spend a few minutes with each contact.

I'm going to mention one here that I simply enjoy listening to. 
He's a Kuwaiti and has a wonderful station that is the antithisis my favorite ham activity.

My favorite ham activity is setting up my little PRC 320 with a crude wire antenna hastily thrown over a tree or an 8 foot combat whip.

He has a powerful fixed station and I have a small portable one. I wouldn't trade stations with him and I doubt he would trade with me. Still, instead of letting our differences divide us, guys like him permit our differences to compliment one another.

This man has a really nice station that he ought to be proud of. He has a specialized antenna and a lot of power. It is really a powerful station.

Still, when he is taking calls he seems to keep his ear open and try and field calls from the QRP (reduced power) operators. He's a gentleman.

We have swapped emails and some night when propagation is good and he is busting my ears with a strong signal I am going to try and contact him using only the 8 foot whip. We'll see what happens.

There is a saying in the hobby that it is not the class of the license that matters, but the class of the operator holding the license.

This guy is a class act.

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