Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wednesday,7 August 2013 00:20Z Early post.

Wednesday is going to be pretty busy so I am posting a bit early but it is Wednesday for ham operators, celestial navigators and a lot of other people that get taken for granted. 

Well, well, well. Look what the NAACP is doing now.

They want a 'Treyvon's Law' enacted. Yup, they want a law named after a thug that got shot while beating someone senseless.

Most likely the law will say that it's ok for a young, angry black man to pound someone into spaghetti sauce with impunity. Let's think about this a minute.

How about no?

How about a law that says that it is not OK to pound someone senseless for no real reason and that it IS OK to use deadly force to  prevent it from happening?

Oh, wait a minute. They already have one. Let's leave it alone.

On the other hand we could rename the law that enables a person that is under the threat of emminant death or serious injury to use deadly force to defend himself. We could rename it...you guessed it...

Treyvon's Law.

Named after a thug that attacked a neighborhood watchman and got shot for his efforts. 

That would be a lot closer to the truth.

What would also get closer to the truth is the NAACP looking for someone that is at least not a violent felon to support.

Of course, I will be dumped on and dubbed a racist for speaking poorly of the sacred cow of the NAACP. I expect that and I expect there are people out there that will hate me for it.

Remember this: The further we get from the truth the more people will hate the person that speaks it.

Update. I just found an email in my spam from Ma and Pa Martin asking me to sign a petition to get the Stand Your Ground laws repealed. I didn't sign it.

Instead I sent a message back that I support Stand Your Ground laws and had the Martins done their job of parents they would not be asking me to sign the petition.


A couple of years ago some thug stole a car and destroyed it in an accident, suffering traumatic amputation of both legs in the process. The subject came up at a neighborhood barbecue.

Of course, there was no shortage of shyster lawyers out there looking to help the thief sue the owner of the car for damages.

The case did get thrown out which it should have but one of the neighbors called me insensitive when I pointed out that the plaintiff didn't have a leg to stand on.

If someone would be kind enough to post a link to this on Arfcom that would be nice.

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