Saturday, August 10, 2013

So it is Satiddy.

and pretty soon some Grammar Nazi will come and tell me that I spelled Saturday wrong. Screw him.

I came home to a stack of QSL cards and spent yesterday morning getting my DXCC award paperwork squared away because when I scratched the incoming cards off the list I saw I had hit 100 and I am eligible for the award.

I'm not going to send in for it for a few days, though. There are still a bunch of incoming QSLs due and I do not want to go in with a scant 100. If one or two get rejected I'll have to refile and I do not like doing things like that twice. I'll wait until I have, say, 103 that I feel are good and if one or two get rejected I'll still be good to go.

On something like this there is always something that can go wrong. For example there are two Russias and I have them both. There is Asiatic Russia and European Russia but my Asiatic Russian lives close to the dividing line and can likely be questioned.

Anyway as I am typing this I checked my email and the card checker wants to meet me today. So much for waiting. Still, it's OK because he lives nearby and if I get shot down likely I can call him when I have what he needs.

I'm actually not a paper chaser but I do want the two basic awards to shut someone up that has already been shut up pretty good after I waved my WAS (Worked all States) award in his face.

I want to do this again. The person in question is someone that I know that generally tells people why they CAN'T do this or that and I have made a career of making him look foolish.

I do not know why people are like that. I suppose it is forgetfulness. They forget that if there are a million and one ways you can't do something, that's fine. All you have to do is find ONE way to get it done.

My sailboat back in the day brought me a lot of satisfaction for this same reason. A lot of people didn't believe me when I said I was going to have a sailboat in a year and like to about $hit when I returned from Washington with pictures of the boat I bought.

The next step was a bunch of people telling me I couldn't sail it to Kodiak and predicted dire results if I did.

It took three months to get there and I had a blast en route and left a wide trail of empty bottles and soiled doves along the way. I also had the dubious honor of walking in on my own memorial service which is another story.

Truth is the only part that was risky at all was the Gulf of Alaska crossing and we timed the weather for that one.

In other news, my niece is getting pretty sharp these days.

My sister went to San Francisco and her daughter sent me a picture of Alcatraz. I sent back that I had escaped there by swimming across the bay having been given a 5-7 stretch for bank robbery. I told her the guy in the cell across from me was Al Capone.

She was smart enough not to simply call BS on it, but to prove that it couldn't have happened. 

She pointed out that I am 62 years old and that Capone was out before I was even born. The also pointed out that the place was closed when I was a teenager and that teen aged criminals were not sent there.

Then she told me that I had taught her to count and that the numbers didn't add up.

I'm pretty proud of her for that.

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  1. You spelled "Saturday" wrong. ;-) -Anonymous

  2. Because it was Satidday.

    Doncha know nuffin?