Thursday, August 1, 2013

Someone that contributed

 to the George Zimmerman defense fund reports he got a personally signed thank you note from him.

Some wag dryly answered that when he did the same thing for Treyvon Martin he got no response.


I just read where someone posted one of those things that show up on Facebook from time to time.

"How about passing laws that make it harder to shoot someone and easier to vote?"

How about this:

How about if people stop attacking other people they don't get shot and if people stop voting fraudelently we don't require voter identification.

A lot of people do not understand that stand your ground laws are there to protect people that lawfully defend themselves are protected from lawsuits resulting from self-defense.

Voter registration and ID laws are there to try and prevent voter fraud. We require an ID to buy cigarettes, alcohol and firearms.  Why not to vote?

Eric Holder seems to think that one shouldn't be required to have an ID to vote because it is a right. By such logic a person shouldn't have to show an ID to buy a firearm because ownership of one is a right, also.

Voter fraud exists and in some areas is rampant. 

While Scott Walker did win his recall election it is inarguable that a lot of people were bussed in from out of state to try and vote him out illegally by stuffing ballot boxes. Look at the voter turnout in Madison that was reported to be 119%. Time to call Charlie Chan to solve THAT mystery.

Voter fraud is a real problem and when you consider that some precincts were reporting up to 150% of turnout in places it becomes obvious that it is there is more work out there for Charlie Chan.

Some precincts in Philadelphia reported that every vote reported was for President Obama which is interesting. You would thin that there would be at least ONE person that voted in an entire precinct that was less than enamored with our president. It kind of smells bad. 

As for self-defense laws, I fail to see where aking it so someone can't be sued for lawfully defending themselves is making it easier to shoot someone.

Many states have castle doctrine that keeps a person defending his home from being sued and all Stand Your Ground laws do is the same thing when you are out of your home.

There are a lot of people that seem to think that self-defense is evil. It isn't hard to get those people to change their perspective. All you have to do is beat, rob or rape them or one of their children and you will watch them change their tune rather quickly.

It's pretty easy to condemn voter registration laws when it is your political candidate getting in because of the fraud just as it is easy to condemn self-defense laws when you live in a safe, guarded crime-free area.

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