Saturday, August 24, 2013

If any of you watch Pawn Stars

 on the History Channel you might learn a thing or two from Chum-Lee.

Now most people think that Chum-Lee isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and maybe he isn't but he's not entirely stupid, either.

There was a trivia contest sponsered at a local bar and the rest of the shop put together a team and left Chum-Lee out saying that they wanted to win and that Chum wasn't any good at trivia.

Chum was upset at being left out so he decided to form his own team. The pawn shop from time to time brings in experts to appraise things people bring in to sell or pawn.  Chum simply rounded up three of them, formed his own team and they won the contest in a route.

I suppose it cost Chum Lee a round of drinks.

It was a humorous sidebar in a mildly entertaining TV show but there was something to be learned there.

When you don't know something and want to know just hunt out someone that knows.

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