Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Of policemen and doughnuts.

The stereotyped police officer eats a lot of doughnuts which is a crock because if they did they would all weigh 600 pounds.

While there certainly are overweight police officers out there, the average cop I run into is in halfway decent shape.

I am in and out of convenience stores and Dunkin' Donuts places fairly frequently and from time to time a policeman comes in and generally it's for a cup of coffee or a beverage of some sort and generally the guys that don't drink coffee drink sports drinks.

It has been quite some time since I have seen a cop eat a doughnut and maybe there is a reason for this, maybe not.

I know that if I were a cop I wouldn't be caught dead eating a damned doughnut by anyone out of my immediate family just to avoid the crap that comes with the stereotype and I'd just bet there are a lot of cops that feel the same way.

I just thought I'd say that it has been an awful long time since I saw a cop eating a doughnut. So long that I don't remember when it was.

Still, the stereotype remains.

I do remember back in the early 60s my dad commenting that if I was ever in trouble that I could find a cop simply by pulling into the nearest doughnut shop so I guess the stereotype has been around a while.

My guess is that my grandfather told my dad the same thing so I'd bet it goes back to the event of the movies, but that is just a guess.

Still, the stereotype stays and isn't likely to go away in the near future so I suppose if you're a cop you simply have to live with it.

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