Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Doc says I'm OK, I guess

The specialist I saw was working out of a hospital which was good and bad. He ordered a couple of tests and I got them done there but it did blow a lot of an entire day.

I wonder how the quality of care is going to be after Obama care kicks in. In truth is already seems to be on the way down even though I like this doctor. 

They had a dietitian speak to me, which I understand he does with everyone. This was another one of those people that make me wonder. I read the literature she gave me and I suppose that as an old guy with a sedentary lifestyle the diet would fit, but not for a working outside kind of guy. Especially in winter.

I'd bet she's never had a day when she burned 3500 calories in her life. Back when I was commercial fishing I was burning 5000-5500 calories a day and sometimes still losing weight.

The literature said the 3 ounces protein part of the meal should be the size of a deck of cards. Yeah, right. Two farts and that's gone. Any steak under 28 ounces isn't really worth firing the grille up for.

Still, I am older and not as active, but the fact remains that a lot of these people have no clue and are just spouting off what they heard in school. Their teachers are spouting off what THEY heard in school and the research is being done in labs with what THEY consider to be normal people.

A lot of these people have no sense of reality and what goes on behind the scenes to make their lives easy. They tend to think everyone has it the same way they do.

They forget that there are line men out there that bring them electricity, and oil guys that wrestle oil out of the ground to fill the tanks of their BMWs. They forget these things and suggest that guys like that go on the diet of a person that sits on their ass all day.

One thing this doc has going for him is that he has a former Navy corpsman working for him as a tech of some sort. When I griped to him about the dietitian he grinned and told me that part of his job was to go to bat for the guys like me and said he'd have a quick word with the Doctor.

Another interesting thing that happened to me while grub shopping is the woman in front of me was a college kid and she said she was trying to work her way into the Physician's assistant program.  I asked her if she knew about the army program at Ft. Sam Houston and she did. It's her plan B if she can't get into the program at her college.

Truth is I like medical people with military backgrounds because they practice medicine differently. There's less bull$hit and faster results as a rule. When I lived in Kodiak my doctor had a pair of them working for him and they were great.

Solid, practical and down to earth. What's important is they knew people and the way they really were and took that into consideration.

Some of them didn't have a real good bedside manor, though.

One time I was practically carried into the office. The PA took one look at me and simply said, "You got the crud. Drop your pants."

He turned me into a pin cushion and gave my shipmates instructions to get a bottle of whisky and plenty of hot Gatorade and make me sleep and sweat for a day.

Thirty hours later I was on the fishing grounds working gear and felt like a million bucks.     

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