Saturday, August 3, 2013

One of the things I avoid

 writing about in this blog or for that matter, anywhere else is anything about work unless it is something in passing like what I do. I don't think that writing about things at work is professional.

If I have a problem there I take it up with my chain of command and get it settled that way instead of whining about it on the internet.

There are also a lot of other personal things I don't drag onto the web because it just isn't in good taste. While I suppose there are people out there that would love to hear a bunch of personal stuff about my family, you won't hear it here.

A lot of people get into hot water with the web and Facebook seems to be one of the common places that gets people into hot water. A lot of people get into trouble with Facebook and other social media sites and I'll attribute it to their own stupidity.

You don't go on a public forum like Facebook and tell everyone that your 45 year old female boss is a cougar that spends her off time picking up 20 something year old studs at the local club. Even if it's true. Not unless you want to get into hot water at work and find yourself in the breadline. 

Save it for the water cooler if you must, even though that's not a good idea, either. But at least it isn't in written on a public forum for all to see.

I get a boot out of the idiot that robbed a convenience store and posted cell phone pictures of the robbery on Facebook to impress his friends. He is now housed at the Cross Bar Hotel wondering how he got caught.

One of the first places law enforcement goes to when someone becomes suspect is straight to the social media sites looking for something that will help confirm or deny their suspicions. Many employers scout these sites, too.

An example of this might be the Treyvon Martin/ George Zimmerman case where the media posted pictures of an angelic Martin that were taken when he was a saintly looking 12 year-old.

A trip to his Facebook page shows him as a 16 year old wannabe thug.  Martin had posted pictures of himself on his Facebook page making gang signs and showing off his gold gangsta gold dental work. There is also a pistol of some sort in the background of one of the pictures.

While a lot of working stiff wouldn't be caught dead posting pictures of an unflattering nature on the social media sites they sure would make comments about their workplace on them.

And then wonder why they got called into the office a few days later.

I hold the workplace to be a fairly sacred place, unlike a lot of people out there. It is the place where I make my bread and butter. For me it is simply a case of either supporting the company I work for or leaving for somewhere else. I either work for them or I don't and it is as simple as that.

I am an officer whether you think I am or not. When an officer is given an order he says "Aye aye, Sir." and obeys the order to the best of his ability or he simply resigns.

You either work for someone or you don't. It is as simple as that.

Part of working for someone is not bad mouthing them, either at the water cooler or on social media sites.

As I am writing this the TV is on in the background and there is an ad on for some grooming tool. Some guy is using it to shave the hair off of his chest. 

Why would someone do such a thing? He must be some kind of metrosexual or something. After all, everyone knows that real men have hair on their chest. Even today people tell their sons to eat their vegetables because they put hair on their chest.

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  1. Actually, I took a CPR class at the local fire department & they mentioned how chest hair can interfere with someone needing to use an AED on you.

    I forget the exact words, but something about it shorting out the machine, or blocking the pulses from reaching where they need to go.

    Just throwing that out there. :)