Sunday, August 18, 2013

The cat is writing today's post.

I have left the laptop on the desk with the notepad open and have decided to let the cat write today's post. Here it is:


And that is what the cat has to say.

I really don't have a whole lot to say today except that a couple I know has sold their house and is living in an apartment for a while while they ready the new house. They got smart this time. 

Instead of moving right in they are having the floors sanded and stained, the place painted and a bunch of things done. They put their stuff in storage and when everything is done they will move.

Anyway, I guess the wife has befriended a newly married couple and the young wife has said to my friend that her husband now has several pairs of light pink underwear. 

Sometimes people don't think and all sorts of problems arise from this. Several people are not thinking here.

First of all the young husband is likely an idiot and has never been taught to do laundry. Second, the young wife and my friend are not thinking. They should recognize what is happening. 

When my friend, Glo, asked me for advice to give the young wife I looked at here and in a serious tone of voice told her that men wearing pink underwear was a cry for help.

Glo looked concerned. "Suicide? Is he going to run away with a gay lover? What kind of help?"

"Help by teaching him to do laundry," I replied. "Most likely the idiot kid has never been taught that you don't throw burgundy or red things in with whites," I replied.

Glo blushed. "You're probably right," she said. "I have to give Jack's mother credit. She taught him how to do laundry. When we were first married, he taught me a few things!"

Stupid stuff like this can cause a lot of problems and stupid tends to pile on top of stupid and growing until it causes a real problem.

To find out why the blog is pink just cut and paste this:

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  1. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. When we were first married, my pregnant (more crazy than normal) wife neglected to remove a (new) red washcloth from the wash, and to this day I still have some pink undershirts. That same day, she also had me check the oven, as the chicken she'd placed into it three hours earlier was still raw. She had forgotten to turn the oven on.