Thursday, August 8, 2013

I just got back in to town

and had a lot to come home to.

First the packages were there. There was a laptop battery I ordered on eBay, 2 microphones, a beret flash and a unit crest from my old army outfit.

One of the microphones is a desk model I can use when I am at home. The other was a hand microphone that I had modified by a friend. It came with a radio I own and was never used because it was junk to begin with.

Seems since ICOM went to China to get their microphones they have been lacking and I had a genius friend pull it apart and get it up to snuff. I owe him one for that.

The flash and crest are going on my red beret which I wore briefly in the service. Red is the artillery color and I was issued a red beret at Ft. Sill and a set of acting corporal's stripes because they screwed up my orders and I spent a week there as a teacher's assistant.

Later after I was at Carson I was told to wear it for some short-lived program to identify myself as being an artillery person. 

The other thing was a stack of QSL cards and I started digging through and scratching them off of my list and now I am over the top for a DXCC award.

I'll spend today organizing things and tomorrow or the day after I'll deliver the package to the card checker and start the process of getting the award.

Of course, the best part of coming home is the cat and his doings.

He jumped up on me when I opened the door and started purring. I carried him to the kitchen and put him down on the counter and put some of the gourmet cat food in his dish and he started eating it. As he was eating it I went into the living room and sat down and he left the food in the dish and jumped up on my lap.

You don't see a cat put people before food very often but he did and often does when I come home.

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