Friday, August 9, 2013

I found the rest of the roll of these stickers and it is a rainy day.

and I am bored.

The produce department of a local supermarket had a little cafe in sight of it and a few of these on cucumbers will likely cause a little hilarity.

We'll see what happens.

While most people will take one look at the cukes and laugh, there are always a few people that take life too seriously and will go into a total dither and flip out.

Oh, well. I am easily entertained.

A police officer once told me that the reason he wasn't going to throw me in jail was because I'd likely find something interesting to do there and enjoy it too much.

In a way the cop is right because back in the day a couple of us got an overnight stay in the local clink and just sat there singing 'the sun rises over the jailhouse bars' and a few other things including sea chanties. After a couple of hours they told us to leave because we were having too much fun.

While it is embarrassing to admit you got thrown into jail, it has been a source of pride to admit that I have been thrown OUT of jail.

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