Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Things get beat up over time.

I just took some degreaser to my cell phone and noticed that the face of it is pretty scratched up in spite of me trying to take reasonable care of it. It's about a year old,having been replaced about a year ago.

I believe the average for cell phones is about 16 months and in another 4 or five months I would imagine mine will look like hell. However, if it still works well I will likely not replace it if it is only superficially scuffed up. As long as it works and I can read things on it I'll continue to use it.

I suppose if I were some kind of an office type that my phone would be in better shape but I am not an office type. I am an active workingman that works with both his half of a brain and his hands and feet. The phone often gets dropped into a pants pocket where it sometimes shares space with whatever else I have in there.

Generally it is either nothing or maybe a scrap or two of paper but once in a while it gets to share the pocket with a small amount of loose change or maybe a set of keys.

While I try and avoid this, sometimes there are times where I have to pick up and go and get a tad forgetful. The phone gets stuffed int whatever pocket is available.

Still, it's surprising how tough the little phone is. Mine has taken a few pretty good raps and still works like a charm. I't hit a steel deck of pavement a few times and still keeps on ticking.

I figure that with any sort of luck I might get another year out of it and when you think of the beating it takes, two years for what I paid for it isn't all that bad of a deal considering how I manage to beat mine up.

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  1. I just retired my phone in July after 6 years of use. In that time it had been wet several times. I would dry it out in a bag of rice for few days and it kept going. This year on Memorial day weekend I dropped it into a toilet. I dried it out and it started to intermittantly shut down. On June 9th, our house caught fire. I went inside, used 2 extigushers to put down the flames, Looked for the dog, called 911 from inside and put the phone down in the house. The firemen brought it out to me 2 hours later. It smelled of smoke yet still worked. It became less reliable though, shutting down when it wanted so I dug out my wifes old, 5 year old phone, switched it to my account and I am back on the air.

  2. Putting the phone in a bag of rice is an old wives tale.

    What doing that really does is draw Asians who know how to fix it.