Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I slept in for the first time in quite a while

And I'll be damned if the cat didn't let me.

I woke up feeling pretty good, actually.  I won't say like a million bucks, but $999,999.99 ain't bad.

I was out late last night because I had to pick someone up from the airport and their plane landed at about 2200 and on the way home we grabbed a rare beer. I seldom drink anything out of the house and the odd times I do it is never more than a single beer.

By the time I got the person home  and dug in it was past midnight so I played with the cat a bit and sacked out.

Chile and Crete confirmed on paper yesterday and it made me wish for a minute that I had waited a couple of days to file for my award because I really have only one extra for insurance in case something is wrong with a couple of the cards.

I just figured out that it takes about 2 weeks for a letter to arrive from Spain as the Chile card came from a QSL manager in there and he sent email out when he sent a card out.  For what it is worth, I made the QSO with Chile on 21 September, 2012. Eleven months ago.

My recent flurry of well over 100 cards sent out likely means that a few of them will trickle in over the next couple of years. My card checker tells me he had one come in after 8 years which makes me wonder.

In other news Jesse Jackson and spouse are being sentenced today. My guess is that they get a wrist slap when they really ought to be tossed into a dark, dank cell and have someone throw away the key.

There ought to be a special sentencing guide for politicians that break the law but seeing how politicians are the ones that make the law it isn't too likely.

Beheading comes to mind. It isn't cruel, as it is painless and it isn't unusual as places have been doing it for years. We need someone bearded in a turban with a big scimitar or maybe someone in a WW2 Japanese army uniform with a katana.

I suppose some guy named Igor with a big axe, a black hood and a hairy chest would suffice. 

Whatever we do, we ought not get a guillotine. It's too French.

Anyway my guess is the Jacksons get off with something light.

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