Thursday, March 6, 2014

American badass.

Right now I am seeing a man I met on the web off on his final deployment to Afghanistan. The man is somewhat of an American badass.

Most people that pursue an infantry career don't last the full career because it is terribly hard on the body. Running around with 100+ pounds on one's back is something the human body just wasn't designed to do.

Furthermore this man began his career a little later in life than the average kid that went in at 18 straight out of high school. 

In fact, this guy graduated from Ranger school well past his 40th birthday. That's pretty hard core. That school is rough on people half the age he was when he graduated but he managed to tough it out.

If I am not mistaken, he was going through Ranger school about the time his son was in basic training!

That's pretty badas if you ask me.

I wish him well and hope he comes home to a well deserved retirement.


One of the things I have noticed recently is that there are a lot of men starting to look at shaving with the old fashioned double edged razors like their fathers and grandfathers used.

Someone asked me why.

I told them it has because of the razor blade shortage created by the Navy not scrapping enough ships to keep up with the demand for razor blades.

I guess the Navy has started scrapping ships again because double edged razor blades are now on the market.

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  1. I began shaving with a Merkur double-edge razor while in college - haven't turned back yet. Proraso shave cream, a badger brush, alum block and aftershave are much easier on my skin than modern cheap plastic crap and god-knows-what shave cream.

    Hope the American Badass comes home safe.

  2. You will notice your shaves getting better since the Navy started scrapping ships again. Nothing like a razor blade made out of good aircraft carrier steel.