Monday, March 10, 2014

Men have no business going to baby showers

I have noticed that these days men are being invited to baby showers. I do not know why that is because baby showers have always been a woman thing.

Men have no business at a baby shower and it is as simple as that. Baby showers are generally full of giggling, ooohing and ahhing.

I have read where a guy was coerced to attend such a soiree and he isn't likely to be invited to another one. He brought the obligatory gift for the baby.

It was a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. Incidentally if the baby is going to be a girl they make the Red Ryder in pink these days.

Smart man. I think I am going to put that trick in my bag.

Shortly after I started this piece based on an internet thread about man going to baby showers I found out that one guy has already taken this tack. He upped the ante from a Red Ryder.

He bought the baby to be a Chipmunk .22 rifle. Smart man!!

Some of you readers may think that a Chipmunk .22 is an expensive baby shower gift but I think you are wrong if you understand the concept of looking down the road. Over time this will likely be the cheapest gift you can buy in the long run.

After the womenfolk's heads explode and they settle down a bit they will start running their mouths the instant they leave. They will gossip about this for years and years.

The liklihood of being invited to another baby shower for the rest of your life is pretty slim.

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