Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Well, let's see what is going on today.

The other day the subject of the Civil Rights Act came up and I think I had someone confused with my attitude. I think he thought for a while I was a racist which I am clearly not.

I simply believe that it should pertain to government being fair in their hiring practices and basing their hiring on competence, regardless of race, creed, color etc.

Private enterprise should be able to pretty much do what they want.
If a private business opts not to do business with anyone it is their choice. Prior to a lot of the Civil rights legislation a lot of places had signs in them that said, "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone". You don't see those signs anymore but I have seen them years ago.

I've seen one enforced. Some guy came in and sat at the counter and the soda jerk threw him out. A couple of minutes later I asked why and was told the person was a pest. Much later I found out he was.

True integration into a society is something that can't be legislated. 

You can't order people to love one another and that simply life.
I always figured that if a guy wanted to open a business and refuse to do business with a segment of society it was his business to run. 

If he want's to limit his customer base it's up to him. It is a part of what liberty is all about.

On the other hand, it is a double edged sword. I don't have to do business with anyone.

There is a restaurant across town that has recently taken a stand of some sort. They refuse to permit small children into the place. They want to run a place where adults can dine without having to deal with recaltricent children. It's probably a good move as there is a clientele there for a place like that.

Somebody griped and my answer was the same as it generally is. 
"So don't eat there." It's as simple as that. They can protest the move of the restautanteur simply by voting with their wallets.

On the other hand, one night I voted with mine. I went there and enjoyed a nice meal without having to deal with someone else's spawn from hell.

It was a shame that I didn't get to see family interaction with responsible parents, though. I like to see parents being good parents and raising well behaved kids. Still, it was good eating there because I didn't have to deal with bratty kids which seem to be the norm these days.

I am a member of two private clubs. One is a sportsman's club, the other is a radio club. The sportsman's club is pretty much open to anyone that is a hunter, fisherman, shooter or other kind of outdoors man. Race, creed, color is not an issue.

The radio club has a restriction on it. You have to be a licensed amateur. No license, no membership. Sorry about that. Again, race, creed, color, religion is not even brought up. It is a non issue for membership.

Both of these clubs have minority members and nobody even seems to notice. That's what true integration is.

Had either of these clubs had some sort of stipulation restricting membership by race etc then most likely I would not have joined.

Still, as far as I am concerned both of these clubs should have a right to restrict membership. Of course, if they do I will resign right on the spot.

When someone opens a business or starts a club they generally have an agenda. The most common one is to make money. Without money the enterprise fails.

Restricting a customer base generally restricts income because the great equalizer in life is money.

Last time I checked, the money of a gay, black, Jewish, native American female disabled war veteran spends just as good as the money of a member of the WASP club's does.

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