Friday, March 7, 2014

My guess is that if it isn't already that Las Vegas is going to be the new hub of the porn industry.

While I am not too big on porn, I have to admit that it is a pretty big industry. It generates revenues in the billions.

Until recently the hub of the industry seemed to be southern California. Recently the California government has passed a few laws regulating it. I suppose a movie made there after the enactment of these laws could be called "OSHA Smut".

Shortly after the laws were enacted a number of porn outfits moved, some to Las Vegas. Nevada has no state laws prohibiting prostitution. They leave it to the counties to choose.

For example, prostitution is prohibited in Las Vegas, but an hour's drive and you are in a county with a legal brothel in it.

Still, because of the attitude in Nevada it seems a slam dunk natural that the porn industry will make a home there. 

The other reason and this is a big reason, is that Nevada has low taxes. For example there is no state income tax there.

The porn companies cam keep producing porn the way the audiences like it and keep more of their profits.

What is interesting is that I have read about murmurings of the legitimate film industries talking about moving out of southern California. Seems the taxes have gotten a little high down there.

Recently a number of celebrities have complained to Sacramento that taxes are too high. Likely many of them will vote a tax cut with their feet and leave the Holywood area.

Can't say as I blame them but you do have to tell them to look at themselves. Many of these Hollywood types are dyed in the wool liberals that support many of the liberal giveaway policies and that's what has gotten taxes to skyrocket in the first place.

Nothing is free and when the government gives something away they have to get the money somewhere and that means taxes. The money the government gives away has to come from somewhere.

The Hollywood types that are griping about high taxes have only themselves to blame. They supported all of the expensive government programs and they have only themselves to blame for using their celebrity status to support their causes.

California is deeply in debt and doing a pretty good job of running their financial base out of the state with over regulation and taxation. It won't be long before southern California starts to look like Detroit.

Of course this isn't the first time the film industry hasn't left someplace for another place to escape problems. Back in the early days of movies the film industry moved from northern New Jersey looking for sunnier climes, cheaper real estate and lower taxes.

The lit on the shores of sunny southern California and proceeded to latch onto it like a tick and turn it over time into an up and coming snake pit. Much like a parasite as soon as it has killed donor off, it leaves looking for another.

I suppose Hollywood industries as they leave southern California will go looking for a place with good weather and low taxes and start sucking that place dry and slowly destroying it.

On the other hand, I'd dare say that the porn industry isn't likely to do a lot of harm to Las Vegas because the people involved are more low key. They don't produce people with the celebrity status that the mainstream movie industry does and they tend to fly under the radar as far as politics go.

Truth is, I'd rather see the porn industry come to my town before the mainstream film industry did. It would be less damaging in the long term. 

We'll see over time but one things is a pretty good bet. California is going down into the hurt locker in the not too distant future.

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