Saturday, March 1, 2014

The other day I mentioned my bug out bag.

Someone asked me what was in it and was sadly disappointed that it wasn't full of guns and ammo. There isn't a single round or firearm in it.

Bug out bags have the reputation of being some kind of super survivalist thing but mine is pretty much anything but that. It does have a few survivalist type things in it but for the most part it contains practical things.

There's a couple days grub in it and I change it out annually. Not much, really just enough to keep me going for a few days.

Mainly it is a practical bag of stuff designed to keep me going a few days in the event of a natural disaster. I figure that if I need any firepower I can just grab whatever I need separately. Most likely a forage gun, a shotgun because I like to eat.

I suppose if the Apocalyptic Zombie Invasion starts I'd grab a rifle because the only thing that zombies them is head shots.

Still the bag has in it what I figure I'll need in case I get in a jam.

Sometimes it travels with me because it's easy to toss in the truck and if I ever wound up in a snowbank it could make life a lot easier for me.

There's a change of clothing, a multi-took, a cable saw, a baby Ka-Bar knife, a sharpener, and a few other odds and ends. There's also a fork, a spoon and a simple mess kit in it that I can use to either eat out of or cook with is push comes to shove.

There is a quart bottle of white gas to accompany the Primus stove that is in the side pocket. There is also a pint of Jim Beam bourbon for use as either trade stock or medicinally.
There's a poncho liner in it in case I need fast bedding of some sort as well as a basic change of clothing as well as basic toilet articles and a change of clothing.

I'm not going to inventory the whole kit but it's a fairly practical grab and go kit for emergencies.

It also has a practical use. Once I had to grab stuff for a fast  overnighter where I would be working on something. I was in a hurry. I grabbed the bag and was good to go.

I had everything I needed to overnight, crap out on a couch get cleaned up the next morning and get the work done.

My bug out bag isn't just something that sit in a corner awaiting a Zombie invasion. It's a useful tool.

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