Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sometimes I miss.

I take all the information I can glean from various sources and put it together as best I can and draw my own conclusions. I try to make them logical because I learned years ago that emotional decisions are more often wrong than right.

I blew it when I said that it looked like George Zimmerman was not going to go to trial. The very next day they arrested him.

Looking back on that I think I failed to take the emotionally charged arguments and politics into consideration. Of course, he was tried and acquited. Still, I didn't think it would have made it to court if Al and Jesse hadn't cme forth spouting their special brand of hate and discontentment.

The other day I predicted the porn industry was going to move to Las Vegas. I guess outwardly that would be the place for them to go. However, someone pointed out to me that the reason prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas is because the people running the casinos have clout and don't want it in Las Vegas. They are trying to give Las Vegas the image of a nice place to take the family.

A couple people have suggested that it may move to Florida but I'm not going to call that one.

I got a lot of flack over my comments regarding Putin taking over Crimea. I suppose that if you read or in some cases re-read the post you will see that I didn't say Putin was right or wrong. I simply said that he was looking out for the interests of Russia.

If I were in Putin's shoes likely I would have done the same thing. Any responsible head of the Russian state would have done the same thing. I also gave Putin credit for doing it with no serious bloodshed.

Incidentally to those that say the United States has never invaded a sovereign country please remember a place called Iraq.  

Right now there is a flight missing that flew out of Malaysia. Right now there are all sorts of theories out there. Right now information is scanty. There are not enough pieces of information to put together and speculation is running wild.

I've heard all sorts of theories ranging from simply terrorism to mechaniccal failure to suicide to aliens. I'm simply going to be patient until enough information comes out to give me a chance to put things together before I speculate.

While I have mis-called a few over the past few years you do have to remember that I have made well over 1700 pretty much consecutive posts. 

More often than not I think I come out right in my conclusions.

It's been a pretty good ride for me because it at least make me think. Or at least try to. It's also given me a place to rant, rave and vent. I suppose I have a few regular or semi-regular readers but the truth is if I had none I's still face the keyboard every day. Doing that give me a sense of discipline. 

I suppose it is like someone I spoke with that makes their bed every single day. I seldom make my bed. I leave the covers heaped because the cat like it that way.

I was thinking that this project would make me into a better typist but I was wrong. I'm still a lousy typist and my typing is full of mistakes and I type slower than hell. Oh, well. I tried.

This is billed as 'The grumblings of a wayward Old School sailor' and that is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less.

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