Monday, March 24, 2014

Put the blame where it belongs.

The general custom for getting a QSL card from another ham is that the person requesting the QSL is supposed to supply his card, a self addressed envelope and postage.

Stateside is pretty straightforward. You supply your card and an SASE. The ham that receives the request and SASE simply fills out his card, stuffs it in the supplied envelope and drops it in the mail.

For an overseas QSL the requesting ham generally sends an SAE and postage. This can be either an IRC or between 1 and three US dollars, depending on the price of a stamp.

Most countries charge under three bucks US for a stamp that will get a QSL card stateside.

The rule of thumb here is that the person requesting QSL is the burdened person. He is supposed to bear the costs. It's only fair.

Enter Iran. It's over ten bucks US to get a letter to the States. That's mailing it by shipping it on a slow boat to Outer Slobovia. I'm sure air mail is a lot higher. 

When you also remember that most likely the dollar fluctuates over there it's no wonder that the Iranian ham posted on his QRZ page to send $13.

Of course on the ham web pages everyone calls him a thief.  

However, I wonder how many of these keyboard judges and juries out there have ever come across Piccolo T. Piccolo Esquire, defense attorney.

Yup. Piccolo for the defense.

Here at the Piccolo law office, I sent my paralegal to check up on a few things. (This means I switched hats and went to Google)

I came up with the postal rates that brought things into light.

It's damned expensive to send a letter from Iran, and it runs about $10 US. That's today's rate. 

No telling what it is going to be when when the letter arrives if the economy in Iran is touch and go.
Is this guy profiteering?

I suppose to a small extent he is. He may be turning a nickel/dime profit of some sort, but it's not really anywhere as much as he is accused of. Truth is, his postal system is flat out expensive.
So who is to blame?

I would have to blame the Iranian postal system. That's where the Piccolo defense team lays the blame.

Your Honor, I rest my case.

I think a lot of people should turn to Google and find a few things out before they run somebody down with their keyboards.

Incidentally I have put the Iranian ham in touch with a couple of DX managers outside of Iran. They can and will do his QSLing most likely cheaper than he can do it himself.

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