Sunday, March 2, 2014

Education is a relative thing.

It's a snowy Sunday and I am not a happy camper because I am old and grouchy and hate cold weather.

Breakfast is a couple of cold egg rolls from a take-out Chinese night a few days ago. It's actually pretty good. I like certain things cold in the morning for breakfast and shrimp egg rolls are on the list.

One of the things that has irked me over the years is someone laughing at someone that's doing something that the laugher can't.

A while ago there was some kind of special on about primitive bushmen somewhere. It very well might have been in Australia. The show was long ago and showed bush people of some sort going about their daily business.

They were hunter-gatherers and one of the things that amazed me is that they seemed to instinctively know where to find water. It was amazing.

They were in a somewhat warm clime and rather arid and yet these guys could find water like there was a drinking fountain on every corner. They could also kill some kind of birds with rocks.

Pretty amazing, really.

Anyway, Mr. Arrogance commented that those people must be pretty dumb.

"How you figure 'dumb'?" I asked. "You can't do that. You'd die out there in three days. They look pretty smart to me."

"Yeah, but..." he stammered.

"But nothing. You'd be dead inside a week if you got plopped down there. However, I'd just bet you that one of those guys could come into our society and learn pretty fast. They'd make out."

"But they're..." he countered.

"What? Savages? We got a lot of savages in our midst. Just look around you. Our savages are far woorse than they are. They don't go around killing each other for no good reason like ours do." I answered back.

I suppose I wasted my time on this jerk because I think he is stupid and you can't fix that. The truth is that this post is just to say that education is a very relative thing.

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