Saturday, March 8, 2014

Like it, lump it, love it or leave it, Putin is a pretty class act.

Right now a lot of people are pretty upset with what the Russians have done in Ukraine and it is just another case of Americans being upset with someone doing just what they would in a similar circumstance.

If the Cuban government was in the middle of a major upheaval and it lookied like Cuban forces were going to sieze the base at Guantanamo Bay you can bet that the United States would send forces into Cuba to defend it.

While Gitmo is in Cuban territory, we do have a bona fide lease on it and it is an important asset. We're simply not going to let go of it.

Pretty much the same thing is going on in Crimea. Crimea has in it several Russian military assets that have been there for quite some time. In fact, Crimeans do not seem to have any objection to find themselves being taken by the Russians as most likely the don't want to be a part of the instability in Ukraine.

The biggest asset in Crimea is Sevastapol which is one of the very few warm water ports that the Russians have the use of according to the deal made when the Ukrainians broke free of the former Soviet Union.

Sevastapol is too much of an important asset for the Russians to just casually let go. Russia doesn't have too many warm water ports as it is.

With the present Ukrainian instability Putin just decided to make sure he has secured Sevastapol. I don't blame him. If i were him, most likely I may have done the same thing. 

The thing that I admire about the way the entire thing has gone is that it has been pretty damned bloodless. There has been no fighting to speak of and the area is secure.

He came in, secured Crimea and with it the Port of Sevastapol without killing anyone. He didn't get involved in the internal infighting in Ukraine. He simply secured his legitimate military bases and the necessary port.

What is even more interesting is that it looks like we've funded the invasion for him because we just sent the Ukraine a BILLION dollars which more than likely will go straight to Russia.

The truth is that Putin has done this with so much finesse that it is nothing less than huiliating to the Obama administration. Putin has simply secured legitimate assets for Russia in such a way that it looks like he is simply showing President Obama how it is done.

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