Friday, March 21, 2014

It won't be long before the cycle starts again.

The snow is off the ground and I do believe it is gone for the season which is a good thing as I do not like snow very much.

Of course because I have just said something we'll get clobbered with about 8 feet of the stuff but maybe not. As I usually do I think I'll plant marigolds and maybe a few petunias. We'll see.

It's clear and calm today which means I may shoot. I have to work up a load. I am sighted in pretty good for 200 yards. 

When I get a good, accurate load worked up I'll crony it to measure the velocity and then run the numbers. If the numbers mean I'll stay supersonic at 1000 yards I'll work up a sheet of come-ups from 200 yards and I ought to be good to go for match season.

I hope there are no Fudds at the range when I am working up my loads because I'll have to explain what I am doing and when I do they still won't get it.

Fudds are deer hunters that shoot about 10 rounds a year. Most of them don't know squat about serious shooting, although some do.

Generally when I am shooting groups I set the sights so the point of impact of the bullet is about 6-8 inches away from the point I hold the sights on because I don't want to tear up my point of hold.

The last time this happened some Fudd saw me inspecting a nice 1.25 inch 200 yard group I shot (one of the best ones I have shot) and commented that it was too bad I had missed the mark. I was about 6 inches to the right.

I explained I was shooting groups and didn't want to tear up my point of hold and he looked confused.

Then I shot another group, 6 inches to the left, and then another 6 inches low. The first group I shot was the tightest so I carefully saved the load data and took the remaining 5 rounds and loaded them up.

I called the Fudd over and said, "Watch me tear up my point of hold." The I did just that. I put all of my rounds into the X-ring.

He was still confused but I guess some guys never get it.

This was a few years back and I remember that he was the guy that got booted out of the club for using the facilities for a political fund raiser. I wasn't there but he threatened all sorts of legal action when he got the boot. He didn't get far.

Anyway my dance card is filling up fast for today and I'll see what happens.

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