Sunday, March 16, 2014

The folks you kill are sometimes better and more honorable then the people you defend.

These words were recently spoken by a former soldier.

I do not know if the people he refers to as being the people he defended are the American public or the politicians that sent him out to fight. Truth is, I see his point either way.

As I age I wonder if I would have served had I known that the country was going to degenerate into a population of governmentally dependent whiners.

Perhaps I would have because I personally got a lot out of the army and learned a lot there. I did go to serve, though and what I got out of it was more of a bonus. Today if I were to serve you can bet your ass it would be with a totally different attitude.

While one thing wouldn't change. I wouldn't let my buddies down, I would go not to serve the public, but to serve myself and learn the skills I learned as a junior NCO.

It's sad.

Here's another comment I heard someone make.

If Rosa Parks knew what was coming she'd most likely quietly  moved to the back of the bus. 

 Another sad comment.

I can't speak for Rosa Parks but it wouldn't surprise me one bit. Someone also said Dr. King was spinning in his grave.

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  1. It's certainly a lot different country from when we served. I have a deep sympathy for the current crop of Vet's that are returning with their various physical and mental problems to a country that just doesn't seem to care. Semper Fi.