Thursday, November 26, 2015

Today is Thanksgiving and Mr. Obama is NOT welcome into my home today.

Today is Thanksgiving and it is strictly a family day.

It is one of the few days that religion, politics and things of that nature are put aside and we enjoy ourselves as a family.

The president has asked families to discuss gun control over dinner today and I find it to be highly objectionable that he is trying to enter my home to push his agenda on this family holiday.

It doesn't matter what political issue he wants us to discuss today, politics are off limits. It is a source for too many family arguments.

Quite frankly, Mr. President I am disgusted that you would even want to to barge into our home and disrupt our family feast just so you can make a feeble attempt to further your political agenda.

Fact is that I consider your suggestion just one more piece of government intrusion into our lives.

Now please shut up and eat your turkey.

Let us eat ours in peace.

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