Tuesday, November 3, 2015

One of the things I have been accused of

 is sending out CW messages that I am a Japanese corporal in the jungles of New Guinea that doesn't know the war is over.

I will neither confirn nor deny this but if I were to do something like this it would not be to bother the Japanese Self Defense Force although they would probably send out a search party.

I'd do it to give Geraldo Rivera something to do. After all, nobody I can think of does a better job of dealing with egg on his face than Geraldo. Between Evel Kneivel's jump over lemon sharks, and Al Capone's vault the man has shown himself to do good work with egg on his face.

Picture a couple of battalions of Japanese Self-Defense force soldiers chasing through the jungle looking for the hapless imaginary corporal. They'd be tripping over all the junk their grandfathers left behind. 

Having to avoid bugs, snakes, alligators, land crabs and God only knows what else.

Picture poor Geraldo having to keep bugging Japanese officers and NCOs for information on what is going on.

He'd be stumbling over all sorts of crap left in the jungle and slip-sliding all over the place.

I suppose FOX's ratings would jump over that one. 'The continuing adventures of Geraldo in the Jungle' would probably have quite a following. I know I'd watch it.

Betcha a lot of you guys would, too.

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