Friday, November 6, 2015

The late great George Carlin

once made a comment supporting the taxation of churches that decide to enter the political arena.

Great idea. If a church wants to enter the political fray from the pulpit they ought to cough up like the rest of us.

A few years back the preacher of a church I used to attend got a reality check when I stopped donating money and venison to them. They used the venison and money to provide meals to a homeless shelter.

One Sunday the preacher stood before the congregation and prattled on and on that nobody should own a firearm. Immediately the hunters (myself included) stopped supplying venison. 

The preacher asked how come there wasn't any more venison and I told him that actions have consequences and that we were not responsible, he was. We were just not using our firearms any more.

He looked shocked and I pointed out that meat is not created in the back room of a supermarket. 

A couple months later they took some kind of financial aid from the state and I stopped donating. I figure that they were already getting money from me. The state was simply being the middle man.

In short, when the preacher took his flock into the political arena I bailed. 

Churches have gotten a free ride since Day One and in the past they stayed out of the political arena and did what they did which was to help people.

These days with the social programs they have now the churches don't have to part with their money as Uncle seems to have taken over a lot of their former good works.

When I see churches up and entering the political arena it tells me that they have nothing better to do and that maybe they have started trying to render unto God the things that are Caesars.

I'm not saying that all churches should be taxed. I'm just saying that when a church starts to enter the political fray they should be made to cough up like everyone else.

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