Monday, November 9, 2015

It is a Monday morning

Which means nothing to me as I do not have to go to work and spin the wheels of industry.

However to a lot of people it means they get up, groan and go through the motions of getting to work. Some like what they do, others don't.

I think that later today I am going to do a little nasty cooking. I have had an urge for quite some time to get my grease level up as losing weight has dropped it considerably. In short it is time for a real gut bomb.

The short of it is that I am going to make three grilled bacon and cheese sandwiches and stuff two hamburger patties between them. That ought to get the old grease level up.

Of course that means Tuesday it is back on the regimen again.

One of the things that makes a lot of things like diets fail is when it becomes a rigid inflexible thing. You have to allow yourself to cut loose every so often. All work and no play makes John a dull boy.

When you take on a project like losing weight you don't have to change your entire lifestyle you just have to move a few things around. You actually have to make allowances for little binges of some sort here and there.

I managed to cut my other vices down with the same technique. I cut my use of alcohol down considerably simply by changing my attitude toward things. Truth is now I appreciate a drink more when I do decide to have one. There's quite a difference in my outlook since I cut down.

I may not pop a top tonight but when I do decide to tip a couple they will taste a whole lot better than they do when they are just a routine part of your intake. The other part is you don't need to tip a half-dozen to enjoy them.

The trick to losing weight is to pay attention and think about which calories you can cut out without starving yourself or cheating yourself out of some (but not all) of the finer things in life.

One of those supermodels said something that probably made every woman on earth look at her with daggers in their eyes. While not a direct quote it was something along these lines.

"I love grease. I can put a piece of bread in a pan where a steak has been fried. Then eat the bread."

Of course, every woman that is out there counting calories wanted to hack the woman up. Here she was a supermodel that could eat what she wanted and the rest of the women out there were counting calories and starving and still were overweight.....

I often feel the same way the supermodel does. I love grease, too.

The difference is that I have decided to put it in its place. It is now no longer an integral part of my diet. It is now a special treat.

As of now I am about five pounds short of my goal and likely tomorrow morning I and going to be six pounds short of my goal.

That's just too damned bad. In fact I very well may wash tonight's grease burger down with a nice ice cold beer or two.

Of course, tomorrow morning I will be back on the regimen.

Which leads to another question. Why did I call it a regimen? It really isn't. It's actually just sensible eating which I suppose I should have been doing all along.  

Living fairly sensibly isn't all that bad.


In hobby news I just got an email from the eQSL people.

The eQSL people are a website that a lot of people use to confirm ham radio contacts. They are not generally recognized by organizations like the ARRL but serve a purpose. They run on donations and inexpensive memberships although the basic membership is free.

While I have over 200 DX entities under my belt and as of now I have 197 confirmed on paper, I now have 100 entities confirmed with the eQSL people as of this morning's email. I can now go to my page and print up a nice certificate. Suitable for framing.

I may and when I do I'll likely hang it up somewhere. I was considering over the toilet tank but there is already a sign there that says 'No Fishing'.

To find out why the blog is pink just cut and paste this: NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE WRITING OF TODAY'S ESSAY

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