Monday, November 16, 2015

The teenager down the street is getting to the point

where it is now time for his dad to teach him how to shave.

His dad mentioned that a few days ago and when I saw the kid the day before yesterday I mentioned it to him. I asked what kind of razor he uses and he said it was one of the throwaways.

"Yeah?" I replied. "Those are for sissies. Swing by the house Saturday morning and I'll show you how to shave with a Ka-Bar."

The look I got back said I didn't fool that kid for an instant.

Then I remember the time I fooled the Sergeant Major during a field training exercise.

They used to make sure we shaved daily in the field and for some reason I had a knack for getting hot water to shave with.

One morning I got a pretty good shave and after I was done I re lathered my face and left the tent and started scraping it off my face with a knife I carried on my web gear. I believe it was a Gerber Commando but I could be wrong.

The Sergeant Major happened to wander on by and looked at me wide-eyed. Then he ran his finger on the cheek that I had just scraped the lather off.

"Damn!" he said as he walked off shaking his head.

To this day I am still surprised I fooled the old soldier.

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