Saturday, November 14, 2015

I just got a QSL card from the King of Spain.

OK it really didn't come from the King himself. It came from the Spanish radio club there that ran a special event commemorating the new King of Spain.

I suppose if we Americans had a king and he got replaced our corrosponding special event would bill the new monarch as 'The New and Improved King of America'. Anything for a buck and you just KNOW the clowns on Madison Avenue would just have to get their nose into a coronation.

Anyway, the new king was simply billed as the 'New King of Spain'.

I am not disrespectful of other places. However, as most readers have figured out I am often a clown.

When I worked that station on 15 meters I purposely misunderstood the Spanish operator and acted astonished and asked him, "Wow! Are you really the King of Spain?"

He flustered and went through a long winded explanation of how he was working a special event celebrating the coronation of a new king.

True to form I acted disappointed and apologized for thinking he was the King but pointed out that the King that was being replaced was a ham, EA0JC. Then I asked if the new king was going to go on the air. He didn't know.

Still, I caught him off guard and it was fun listening to him explain things.

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