Monday, November 2, 2015

One of the things that irks me about the medical community

is that whatever you do it is not enough.

You cut down from four packs a day of Camel straights to one half of one low-tar cigarette on Saturday night. "Hey, why don't you just skip the Saturday night?"

You cut back from a liter a day of cheap rye to two drinks on the weekend and they will suggest you forego that.

You cut back from 14 well marbled steaks a week to one a month. They'll comment on that.

Or maybe you cut down from six pizzas a week to one a month. A medico will comment about that. They are apt to suggest you swap the sausage to maybe peppers. They feel a need to say SOMETHING about it.

You walk two miles a day. How about upping it to three? So you up it to three and the next visit they want you to up it to four. After a while it will seem that your whole life is eating, sleeping and walking.

When it gets to that point you wonder what the point of living is. I wonder how many people mindlessly follow the doctor's orders until one day they decide it isn't worth it.

When that happens there are generally two results. They either drink a cup of hemlock  or simply go back to their old habits. 

Too much booze, tobacco, red meat and galley sink pizza really isn't a healthy choice. Still, a little here and there isn't really going to do someone any real harm.

Whatever it is, an occasional treat is good for the soul. It's when you overdo anything that the body gets thrown out of whack.

Still, the medical community never stops to think that all of us are different. We're not perfect. They're not. Ever notice the person giving you advice often has a pack of Camels in their shirt pocket and is packing an extra 40 or 50 pounds?

How about taking a look at the individual as an individual and not as some mechanical thing? Find a fairly healthy regimen and leave it at that. 

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